If you appreciate the work I do each week collecting these faces together for you all
or even for me to keep designing my own faces
then I've now given you all the option to donate or not
I've left this up to each individual and don't feel like you have too
But anything is appreciated and I thank you in advance


6.11.21 - 13.11.21


WEEK 87 - WEEK 88 - WEEK 89

New this week as the name suggest is where everything I have collected this week will be uploaded.

You may notice that the format is not how it usually looks for this page.
There are now too many variants of the watches and because of this I have decided to split the designs into their respective groups.

Rather than this page being a gallery that includes every model collected this week
I have decided to compress and upload all the designs from each group into individual zip files
Now you can download all the designs relevent to your watch.

Hopefully no more having to rename the files with this method

48mm Watch 3

Watch 3 Collection Zip File
49 Designs File Size 40.565Kb

46mm GT2

46mm GT2 Collection Zip File
197 Designs File Size 94.867Kb

46mm GT2E

46mm GT2E Collection Zip File
7 7 Designs File Size 30.717Kb

42mm GT2

42mm GT2 Collection Zip File

16 Designs File Size 6.843Kb




WEEK 87 - WEEK 88 - WEEK 89